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If you spread out your real email address, you will definitely get some spam back in your mailbox. When you enter your email address in any form on the Website or forums, you actually lose control of it. Most probably nothing serious will happen, but they may just use the address of your id to spam you, or they will hand it to the spammers for a few amounts.
In spite of this problem many sites require an active email address to function properly, or to function at just that time. It’s like either you are gettingdistracted from a good part of any Website from doing online shopping and from getting announcements via email or you getsmany spams. Youcan use some free email account rather using of your primary email address, but those only takes the problem from one email account to another.

You can delete emails in the mail box. If you don't delete the emails, will be deleted automatically after 1 day.

Get temporary email address ( https://www.temporaryemail.org ).

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